Affiliate program

How to create links to the affiliate program?

To redirect the customer to a specific package, copy the ending after the question mark from your link from the affiliate program.

And then paste it after the end of the link to the selected package, according to the example:


What do links from the affiliate program look like?

Links from the affiliate program can be found in the client panel in the Partner Program tab.

With us, each client is identified by the so-called. cookie, which is set on his computer when he enters our website from a banner on your website. The cookie is valid for 180 days.

Do you have an affiliate program?

We have an affiliate program that allows you to earn money for each purchased service when the buyer enters our website and orders a hosting service. The commission is paid when the minimum amount of €25 is collected. The affiliate program is designed for both companies and individuals.

More details can be found at: Affiliate Program (smarthost.eu)

Technical - configuration of e-mail

Is the "trash" folder cleared automatically?

The "trash" mail folder in each email account is cleaned automatically after 30 days. Automatic cleaning only applies to that one mail folder. The natural intention of moving the messages to trash folder is to delete them, the trash only delays the immediate deletion - it is a protection against taking up too much space of the hosting account.

Are there any protections against viruses in the attachments?

Yes! To protect our clients, we block files with extensions such as .exe or .vbs. Protection will work even if these files is compressed.

Can I get help with the page and e-mail migration to you?

We making complete migrations for our clients. If you want to transfer hosting to us, we will take your websites and e-mail accounts with all messages (including imap folders, if used).

We provide this service for free.

More details are available at: https://www.smarthost.eu/free-hosting-transfer-to-Smarthost

What settings can I use to receive e-mail in an encrypted connection (SSL)?

Configuring outgoing mail:

SMTP Port: 587, if encrypted with SSL / TLS (normal password): 465

Configuring incoming mail:

IMAP Port: 143, if encrypted with SSL / TLS (normal password): 993


POP3 Port: 110, if encrypted with SSL / TLS (Normal password): 995

Does SPF not broke the forwarding of e-mails to other servers?

On all our servers, we have correctly configured SPF (Sender Policy Framework) records for the purpose of correctly receiving e-mails by other servers.

The servers also operate correctly forwarding mail, by the correctly configured SPF mechanism: SRS (Sender Rewriting Scheme). With this mechanisms you can safely send emails further, with the certainty that e-mails will reach recipients and will not be classified as spam.

What are the restrictions for e-mail sending?

There are no special restrictions on the sending of e-mails. Most settings are the default for most mail servers. The number of sent messages is also limited to 1000 emails per hour. The size of a single e-mail was increased from standard 50 MB to 100 MB.

Does the server support port 587 for sending mail?

Yes - Smarthost servers support port 587 (smtp-submission) for sending mail. Port 587 is intended for sending e-mails by client mail programs, we recommend changing the outgoing e-mail port from standard 25 to port 587. For example, an Orange internet connection users need to change port to 587 to get send mails ability because port 25 is default blocked.

Is there anti-virus protection on the server?

Yes, every message coming to Smarthost.eu servers is scanned for viruses. A infected message is automatically deleted.

Is there anti-spam protection on the server?

On smarthost.eu servers there is a multi-stage anti-spam protection installed.

  • every e-mail is checked by the SpamAssassin program and messages that have a score above 20 points (according to the SpamAssassin specification - a value of 20 means practically 100% certainty that it is spam) are automatically rejected.
  • each e-mail is checked on several black lists of RBL (Realtime Black List) including: bl.spamcop.net, cbl.abuseat.org, sbl.spamhaus.org, xbl.spamhaus.org. However, we use our own address exclusions from the above lists.
  • we use our own spam lists (Smarthost RBL), which we block by IP addresses.
  • we use sender verification to ensure that the sender's domain exists, etc.

Each user of the server can set the rules for the SpamAssassin program in the panel, which will allow, for example, adding the word *** SPAM *** to the message titles or just to delete spam. Settings can be made for the entire hosting account or for individual email accounts.

Technical - FTP configuration

I created an additional ftp account - how should I log in

By creating an ftp account from cPanel, you create a login and password, which allows you to set the login to the additional directory on the server (by default, a directory with the name identical to the name of the ftp account is created). You can also change the directory to which the account refers when creating an ftp account (in particular, it can be the server's root directory).

The login of an additional ftp account is always "login@customer-domain.eu", and not the account name itself (ie the login to ftp contains the domain)

What is the main ftp account for my virtual server?

The main ftp account is the name and password identical to the cPanel admin panel. This account has full rights to the public_html directory, which is the main directory for websites, for a hosting account.

Technical - configuration of www server, php etc.

CURL download doesn't work for me

When using the CURL fetch tool on the server, there are some differences with the implementations on different operating systems that you need to be aware of. On our servers where CentOS/CloudLinux is installed, the curl command must be invoked with the -L flag to fetch the content. For example, Debian Linux systems do not need this flag.

How to use Mcrypt on the server?

On the server is able to use Mcrypt, however, ther is one condition. The php version for the domain on which the extension is used should be set to 5.6 or 7.0 because only for those version of php this extension works.

By default, PHP is run in the version that is the main (default) on a given server (on the new servers the default version is PHP 8.2).

How to enforce the php version used by composer? (PHP 5.6 – 8.2)

On servers, you can use php (and programs that use php, eg composer) in the appropriate version of php - from 5.6 to 8.2. By default, PHP is run in the version that is the main (default) on a given server (on the new servers the default version is PHP 8.2).

Of course, you can also run any version of PHP with ssh - we have prepared a guide on how to do it: How to install WP-cli

Is Mod_Security module enabled on hosting accounts?

Mod_security is an Apache server module that helps to protect websites from various attacks from outside.

This module is used to block commonly known so-called exploits. Security is implemented by a set of ready-made rules that are based on the so-called regular expressions. On Smarthost.eu servers, this module was enabled by default from November 7, 2014. Mod_Security can protect against some code injection attacks, which increases the security of hosting accounts on the server.

Sometimes when creating dynamic websites (which currently account for over 90% of existing websites), programmers forget to test the code for protection against attacks by not validating input data, e.g. in forms. Mod_security can help in these cases by checking the data that users enter.

Mod_Security can be turned off independently in the cPanel for each of the hosting accounts.

In my catalog, core.99586 files is creating

.Core files are created when the php script or program in memory is incorrectly closed or interrupted. Then the core. files are created containing a dropping of memory which can be used to diagnose a malfunctioning application.

Often core files. they are also created due to incorrect directives in local php.ini .user.ini or htaccess files

Core files. which take up space on the server can be deleted, however the fact that they are creating indicates that something with the scripts is not working properly and should be reviewed before deleting them in order to diagnose the cause of the application malfunctioning.

Can you change the php.ini settings?

Each user can customize the php.ini variables under the requirements of the application run on smarthost.eu servers.

To change the appropriate variables, go to the "MultiPHP INI Editor" in cPanel and PHP parameters can be changed for the selected domain.

Technical - configuration of dns, domains

How to connect a domain registered in another registrar in the panel?

See also the guide: Domain transfer

To connect a domain registered with another registrar:

  1. In cPanel on Smarthost.eu server, in the additional domains, add the domain you want to be connected.
  2. You should move the website and create the necessary e-mail accounts, ftp accounts or mysql databases.
  3. In the panel of the current domain registrar, click "Change DNS" for the selected domain and anter the following addresses:
    1. DNS 1 server -> dns.smarthost.eu
    2. DNS 2 server -> dns2.smarthost.eu
    3. DNS 3 server -> dns3.smarthost.eu
    4. Then, you should approve the "Change DNS" option.

After this operation, the domain should change its existing servers up to 24H with new ones.

You can also transfer the domain to Smarthost.eu and pay it with the hosting package, it is necessary in the current registrar to get the AUTHINFO code which entitles you to transfer the domain. Then log in to your account www.smarthost.eu/panel/ and go to the home page www.smarthost.eu. Then select from the menu the option: Domain registration -> Domain transfer and complete the application by providing the previously downloaded AUTHINFO code obtained in the panel of the current registrar.

How to add domain to Cpanel?

You can add a domain to account in Cpanel -> Domains -> Create a New Domain

Domain can refers to any directory on the server (in particular also the server's root directory). By default, by adding an domain, the system proposes creating a directory with the same name as the domain name, eg by adding the following domain to the account: customerdomain.smarthost.eu domain – customer-domain.eu - it will be installed as an indication to the following directory: customerdomain.smarthost.eu/customer- domain.eu.

Of course domain directory can be changed later in the cPanel -> Domains -> mange on domain bar

What is the step-by-step procedure for adding a domain?

To add a domain to a hosting account:

  1. log in to the cPanel panel add a domain as "domain"
  2. when the domain is added in the panel, it will be automatically added to our dns servers
  3. in the domain management panel of the register, indicate that the domain is on external dns servers and enter our dns servers (obligatory two or three is optional):
    • dns.smarthost.eu
    • dns2.smarthost.eu
    • dns3.smarthost.eu
  4. if the domain was registered, it should be visible immediately. If it was moved from another server - its full propagation on the Internet can take up to 24 hours.

What dns servers should I provide when parking the domain?

When adding the new domain in the cPanel panel (as "secondary domain"), please provide our dns servers to the domain registrar:

dns.smarthost.eu (IP:

dns2.smarthost.eu (IP:

dns3.smarthost.eu (IP:

Technical - database

What host name to use for connecting to the database?

For the purpose of connecting to the database server is localhost.

What is the version of the MySQL database?

On new servers there is a MySQL database version 8.0.x installed.

Technical - SSL certificates

Forcing HTTPs redirection

If you want to automatically route the connection from http to https, add the following lines at the beginning of the .htaccess file in the root directory of the domain

Without the prefix www:

RewriteEngine On

RewriteCond %{HTTPS} !=on

RewriteRule ^ https://%{HTTP_HOST}%{REQUEST_URI} [L,R=301]

With the www prefix:

RewriteEngine On

RewriteCond %{HTTPS} off

RewriteRule .* https://%{HTTP_HOST}%{REQUEST_URI} [L,R=301]

RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} !^www\. [NC]

RewriteRule .* https://www.%{HTTP_HOST}%{REQUEST_URI} [L,R=301]

Free SSL certificate

All Smarthost.eu hosting accounts have default SSL certificate. Customer just need to add a domain through Additional Domains in cPanel, and a free certificate will be generated within 30 minutes.

By dispelling doubts and frequently appearing questions:

  • You do not need to have a separate IP for an SSL certificate (you can have several domains on one account and each can have its own SSL certificate)
  • Certificates are completely free, installed and extended completely automatically. CPanel/Sectigo certificates are detected by all web browsers
  • Optionally, you can easily install the Let's Encrypt certificate, but this is not necessary due to the standard cPanel installation.

How do I install a free SSL certificate?

All our hosting accounts have built-in free SSL certificates of the cPanel/Sectigo brand. CPanel/Sectigo certificates install automatically after adding a domain in Additional domains in cPanel. There is no need to install the certificate manually.

Optionally, Iit is also possible to install free Let's Encrypt certificates. The installation of the certificate is very simple and takes a few seconds. The cPanel certificate offers the same level of security as the Let's Encrypt certificate, so installation is optional.

Details about SSL certificate: https://www.smarthost.eu/free-ssl-certificates-for-all-domains

Finance, payments

On what account should i transfer money for the hosting?

We offer online credit card payment services through Paypro, Autopay(Bluemedia) and PayPal operators.

Is it possible to change the package to a higher and how is it settled?

The hosting package can be changed at any time in the customer panel: www.smarthost.eu/panel

By changing the package, a proforma invoice is automatically generated, which is the difference between the prices of hosting packages. The days that have been left until the end of the current accounting period will also be included. You pay only the difference in price and only for the part of the year that remained until the end of the settlement period.

At the time of paying the fee for exchanging the package with online payment - the change is made automatically at the time of payment.

Script installation: Joomla, Wordpress etc.

Error connecting to the database during installation

Often during the Joomla installation, after entering the correct data, an error may appear:

Could not connect to the database. Connector returned number: Error connecting to PGSQL database.

The solution to the problem is to change "localhost" to "", because this is the same.

Can I upload my own add-ons to my server?

Yes, we realize that one of the advantages of WordPress, Joomla and others are a huge amount thanks to the active community of Internet users. We recommend that you regularly keep up-to-date with modules, templates, plugins, etc.

We, for our part, also take care of the security of your websites not allowing scripts of unknown origin to cause damage. On Smarthost servers we have implemented protection against over 4000 exploits

You can read about it here: Anti-exploit system

Can I easily install WordPress on Smarthost.eu hosting?

Of course, there are many Wordpress installations on our servers. For the convenience of our clients, we even created guides how to install this popular system step by step and how to transfer Wordpress from your own computer to the server:

Step by step Wordpress installation

Transferring WordPress from computer to server

WordPress (and about 400 other popular scripts) can also be installed using the Softaculous autoinstaller. In this system, there is also the possibility of creating copies of websites (the so-called stage).

Error installing Joomla 1.5.x

When installing Joomla 1.5.20, an error occurs that a syntax error exists.

The error is related to the fact that version 1.5.x is an old version of Joomla and the MySQL database server version 8.0.x is installed on the server.

Joomla 1.5.x can be installed by manually modifying installation scripts

Nevertheless, we do NOT recommend installing old versions due to possible safety gaps

General informations

Are service expiration reminders sent?

Yes, we send the first reminder 28 days before the end of the service, then 21, 14, 7, 3 days before the expiration and the last one on the expiry date.

Hosting protection against attack on WordPress

We have introduced WordPress security against attacks on wp-login and wp-admin. You can read about it here: How to secure your Wordpress login

The servers also feature WAF (Web Application Firewall) security and a specialized tool delivered by the cPanel system: cpHulk.

Can I run Node.js on my hosting account?

Yes, currently all our hosting accounts with SSH access are adapted to run the application created for the Node.js platform, after installing it according to our guide: https://www.smarthost.eu/blog/how-to-run-node-js-in-cpanel

Avaliable ports for Sharded Hosting is range from 49152 to 65534. if the port is occupied by another client, use the next available one. 

Thanks to the .htaccess redirect given in the above guide, we can use the Node.js server as a web server and access the pages it serves both via port 80 (http) and 443 (https).

Is SSH access available on hosting accounts?

Yes, it is possible to enable ssh access on all hosting accounts, except for test (unpaid) accounts.

You can enable ssh access yourself in the Customer Panel.

Go to https://www.smarthost.eu/panel/services

While in the panel, click the gear on the hosting service bar and then click "enable ssh".

From now on, ssh access is enabled on your account.

How often are backups made and how long are they available?

Backups of the entire hosting account are made daily, during the night. The backup is transferred immediately after execution on the external matrix (separate hardware, in separate rooms of the server room).

The last 7 backups can be recovered.

Data recovery is free. For this purpose, please send a message to hosting@smarthost.eu from the authorized e-mail address with a request to restore the copy from before the specific date, indicating what is to be reproduced, eg a specific site (directory), database or mailbox. It is also possible to restore the entire account.

What type of administration panel do you offer to the server?

We only use branded solutions - therefore, on all our hosting servers we offer one of the most popular solutions in the domain of hosting software, i.e. american cPanel.

cPanel software is “responsive” and works correctly and conveniently on mobile devices.

What are your servers like? What is its configuration?

Our hosting servers are the most modern server platforms. We do not use used equipment. Currently, in our datacenter work almost only machines of Dell, based on dual twenty-core Intel Xeon processors and fast memory DDR4. We use only rack servers, placed in our own professional server room located in Poland (air conditioning, fire protection, power protection from several substations, multiple connections, physical protection, etc.)

-More information in server room section

Are your DNS servers always available?

Of course, our dns servers according to the best practices are physically located in different locations (in two different ASN autonomous networks), in two different geographical locations, connected to the Internet via links from different providers.

What happens when you exceed your monthly transfer?

Nothing, because all of our accounts are without limits!

How is the hosting account capacity divided?

The user can manage the entire hosting account. There is no strict division of space for websites or mail. However, there is a possibility of limiting the capacity of individual e-mailboxes (although this is not recommended) - often "forgetting" about the limit is the reason for reporting problems with mail loss, due to the fact that e-mail is rejected when the e-mail account capacity is exceeded.

WordPress hosting

Speed and performance: full SSD, http/2, multiple cache methods, free data migration, free SSL certificates

Joomla! hosting

Speed and performance: high I/O, a lot of memory, full SSD, http/2, free SSL certificates, technical support

PrestaShop hosting

Security and performance: full separation, anti-exploit technology, full SSD, http/2, free SSL certificates

Dedicated servers

Wherever high computing power is required, you can choose from our dedicated servers in our own server room located in Central Europe.

VPS servers

When you need to configure an operating system on our hosting platform, it's a good idea to choose your own VPS with cPanel and root access.

Domains registration

Several hundred types of domains from all around the world can be registered at Smarthost.uk. Our prices are affordable for everyone.

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