Affiliate Program

Affiliate Program

If you have a website and you will recommend our hosting service (e.g. in the form of advertising banner), you can earn money from it.

Who is able to participate in Affiliate Program?

  • for buisnesses (we settle our accounts using a VAT invoice)
  • for private persons (we settle on the basis of a contract for specific work)

How much you can earn from Affiliate Program?

You earn from every purchased service, when the buyer enters our website and orders the hosting service. From that moment that service is assigned to You. Also you get revenue from renewal of the service - you can say that you have stable income until client is paying for the service


  • for registering of hosting service: 20% of service cost
  • for prolonging of hosting service: 5% of prolonging cost

The commission is paid when the minimum amount of £100(GBP) is collected.

How it works

Customers are identified based on the unique URL assigned to the partner. Therefore, in order for the commission to be calculated, the buyer must make purchases on our website by entering through the partner's special address, which should be attached to all banners that are on your website.

Of course, it often happens that the customer enters the website but does not make the purchase immediately, because e.g. he only checks the offers, but makes the purchase later. With us, each client is identified by the so-called "cookie" that is set on his computer when he enters our website from the banner on your website. A cookie is valid for 180 days.

Therefore, if a customer buys the service within six months from the first entry from your banner, a commission will be charged to the partner.

Note: Commissions are automatically calculated for shared hosting services. If these are other hosting services, such as VPS or dedicated servers, please contact us with the information who is the partner before the first payment, because the services are not assigned automatically in this case.

Do I have to be your client to use the affiliate program?

No - you don't have to use our services. Affiliate program is about earning by recommending services. Please treat it as a business deal. Of course, we encourage you to buy our high-quality services, but it is not absolutely necessary.

How to start?

  • Affiliate program with the creation of a hosting account

  1. set up a hosting account (any package)
  2. in the customer panel go to the "Affiliate Program" tab
  3. After clicking that you want to participate in it, a unique affiliate link will be generated - thanks to all purchases made by clicking on this link, the commission goes to your account.

  • Affiliate program without setting up a hosting account

  1. click on the link below and sign up for the affiliate program
  2. if you ever want to use the hosting services, you will be logging in with the same data

Register in Affiliate Program

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