About Smarthost Company
We offer professional hosting services on own servers located in our datacenter in Europe. Our services are distinguished by very good technical quality and excellent support.

About Smarthost

Smarthost has been providing professional hosting services since 2016. Our main goal is to provide the highest quality hosting services and excellent customer support. The team of administrators provides comprehensive and fast technical support. Our main goal is availability, fast and accurate assistance to customers. For each package purchased from us, we provide 24/7 support via chat, e-mail and telephone. Thanks to the motivated staff, Smarthost is an ideal place for both people who are just starting their adventure with the website and for very demanding customers. We constantly care about the development of infrastructure and the introduction of new solutions for our clients. Thanks to our own datacenter, we are able to ensure trouble-free operation of our services.

Smarthost infrastructure
We have our own datacenter - we do not use colocation services in external datacenters. As an Internet service provider, we have links from several independent backbone operators. The links are provided by several independent geographical routes. The Smarthost.uk datacenter is powered from independent power substations. Factors such as: redundancy of connections based on the BGP protocol, own IP address classes, connection to two separate power substations, UPS, fire extinguishing and protective security, the use of branded, modern equipment, 24-hour monitoring of our network and servers are elements that allow us to maintain the highest quality and service reliability.
Team Smarthost
Smarthost is not only about fast servers and proven solutions, but above all about people who love what they do. Our administrators are mostly people with extensive experience in the hosting industry. We constantly care about the development and education of our employees. The Internet is our passion, and the combination of work and passion gives definitely the best results. We can boast that we are cPanel University certified administrators at the highest certification level (CWSA - CPANEL & WHM SYSTEMS ADMINISTRATOR). As a well-coordinated team, we strive to provide our customers with the highest quality of services and to introduce new effective solutions.
Our methodology and goals
At Smarthost, we don't make false promises. We take pride in everything we do and ensure that the services we provide will be more than satisfactory. We support enterprises in achieving business goals through creative and conscious use of modern Internet technologies. Our goal is not only to sell hosting services but to provide our customers with trouble-free services. The guarantee of achieving the main goal is to focus on continuous and comprehensive development of the offer, the highest level of services provided and adaptation to the expectations of customers.

Our clients includes:

Why Smarthost?

There are thousands of web hosting providers around the world, and each of them goes out of their way to keep their customers happy. At Smarthost, we are committed to providing our services in the best way possible, with the highest imaginable rate of passion for what we do. As a privately owned we can honestly say we understand your business better than most other providers. We've been through the same stages of the business world as you, so we know what challenges you face every day. We are driven solely by the satisfaction of our customers. Our passion and satisfaction comes from providing our clients with exceptional services that give them more than they ever expected from us. Thanks to this, we have not stopped developing as a company since 2016. We are proud to say that Smarthost has served over 10,000 satisfied customers worldwide.

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