7 days daily backup with self restore

Daily backup|You can restore any backup items from a selected day by yourself

Accidents happen on websites. It can happens that due to changes made to the website, it stops working properly or the updating of web application components is not quite as it should and the website reports a whole list of errors. Sometimes important files from the server or e-mails from the mailbox are accidentally deleted.

In any case, it is a good idea to be prepared and have a backup of your services on hand so that you can restore them to the state of the selected day if necessary. At Smarthost, we believe that the copy should be made on the hosting side and the customer should have access to it at any time.

We provide customers with special JetBackup software responsible for creating and restoring backups. Backups are made daily. It is an automatic process that does not require any actions on the part of the client. Each of the copies is available to the customer for 7 days - therefore each customer has 7 different backups that can be restored.

The customer can choose what data he wants to restore from the backup for the day he chooses. Both specific files or entire folders, mailbox or databases can be restored.

Due to the efficiency of the backup system, some files are omitted - archive files are excluded from backups, e.g. .gz, * .jpa, * .log, * .bkup, * .tar. Files and directories that are created dynamically are also skipped, e.g. cache files, logs / *, tmp / *, public_html / cache / *, / var / cache /, / var / sessions etc.

The most important thing is that the customer can perform the data restoration on his own at any time, when he needs it.

The data restoration process has been described step by step in our guide: How to restore a backup copy of your data

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Speed and performance: full SSD, http/2, multiple cache methods, free data migration, free SSL certificates

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Speed and performance: high I/O, a lot of memory, full SSD, http/2, free SSL certificates, technical support

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Security and performance: full separation, anti-exploit technology, full SSD, http/2, free SSL certificates

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Wherever high computing power is required, you can choose from our dedicated servers in our own server room located in Central Europe.

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When you need to configure an operating system on our hosting platform, it's a good idea to choose your own VPS with cPanel and root access.

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Several hundred types of domains from all around the world can be registered at Smarthost.uk. Our prices are affordable for everyone.

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